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Septic System

 Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & System Services Near You                            

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Septic Inspection

Septic tank Inspections

The first step for every septic tank pumping is an inspection to make sure  it is operating correctly. We use the latest technology to diagnose septic system health. All pump outs include a basic camera inspection.

Camera inspections allow us to  diagnose:

  • Water flow issues

  • Root damage

  • Blockages

  • Sagging or crushed pipes

  • Defective system

  • Non compliant septic or plumbing

Septic Pumping Services

Once the inspection is finalized, the next step is to pump your septic tank. Regular pumping is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your septic system. Typically, septic systems require pumping every 2-4 years to keep them operating optimally.


The cost of routine pumping ranges from $200 to $500. In contrast, installing a new septic system can exceed $6,500. Therefore, regular maintenance and septic tank pumping are more cost-effective in the long run.


Here are several signs that indicate the need for a septic tank pumping service:


• Presence of standing water in the yard

• Drains that remain clogged despite efforts to unclog them

• Toilets, showers, or sinks that are backed up

• A noticeable sewage smell in the yard

Septic Pumping
Septic Repair

24/7/365 Emergency Services Available

Aerobic Septic Pumping

Aerobic septic systems require specific upkeep and cleaning procedures that differ from those used for traditional septic systems. Fortunately, K&M Septic Services is proficient in managing both kinds.


For optimal tank health, it's recommended to clean the pretreatment tank at a minimum of once every two years. Our comprehensive on-site services include an extensive inspection, pumping, and cleaning of your system, covering:


- Pretreatment tanks

- Septic tanks

- Sewer lines and drains

- Lift stations

- Septic traps

- Inlet and outlet pipes

Aerobic Septic

Add a Riser!

Our septic riser installation service is an ideal addition to our septic system maintenance programs. Installing a riser on your septic tank makes it easier to maintain and inspect your system. This translates to significant cost savings over time in terms of repairs and maintenance. Our skilled technicians can help you assess whether a septic riser installation is the right choice for you.

Contact Us today for a free estimate on your septic system needs!

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